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Parishes Providing Same-Sex Marriages in the Diocese of Georgia

Our Savior, Augusta, Ga. Rector Fr. John West

We are pleased to welcome St. Albans Episcopal Church in Augusta, GA as a new Integrity Proud Parish Partner and Believe Out Loud parish. Please visit their website and see the welcoming statement on their “About Us” page.

2015 General Convention is over and Bishop Scott has approved same-sex marriage Rites for trial use beginning in Advent, 2015. Individual parishes that have instituted the policy will be listed as they become known.

February 7-9, 2013 Diocesan Convention. Important vote on Title IV, Ethical Standards Canon. See article at left.

2012 General Convention is over and the Episcopal Church stands for equality! See below for photos and reflections.

April 2, 2012 Newsletter

+October 8, 2011-10th ANNIVERSARY GALA, Savannah

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+12/18/2010-HOLY, REASONABLE, ENFORCEABLE-Second meeting with Bishop Benhase

+12/3/2010-St. Stevens’ Ministry gearing up for HIV/AIDS Red Ribbon Ball in Augusta

+9/28/2010-Integrity Leader Challenges Archbishop

+9/21/2010-An Ad Hoc Committee forms at St. Paul’s, Savannah

+Amazing Day, Amazing Witness, Susan Russell

NOTE! Dec 18th Integrity Mtg at St.Anne's Tifton with St. Margaret's Moultrie as co-sponsor

+At West Point, Hidden Gay Cadets Put in Spotlight

+The 2010 HIV/AIDS retreat fund drive was a success!

Advent, 2015

Bishop Scott’s Policy on Same Sex Marriage is Now Official

The Bishop’s Policy for Same Sex Marriage will go into effect on the first Sunday of Advent this year to provide, as approved by General Convention, for trial use of authorized rites for the coming three years. Specifically, Bishop Benhase says that the following rites may be used by the presbyters of this Diocese with all persons who are legally and canonically eligible for marriage: The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage (2); and, if the couple has already been married civilly, The Blessing of a Civil Marriage. Both rites are found in the document linked below.

The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage (BCP, p. 423 ff) and The Blessing of a Civil Marriage (BCP, p. 433ff) are Prayer Book rites and thus should continue to be used as appropriate.

The following documents give the Diocese of Georgia policy, provide Model Congregational Guidelines, and give the text of the rites authorized for trial use in keeping with the policy:

Bishop’s Policy on Same Sex Marriage for the Diocese of Georgia

Model Congregational Guidelines in PDF format

Model Congregational Guidelines in Word format

Authorized Rites in PDF format

Authorized Rites in Word Format

Discussion Guide

In addition to the above information found at the diocesan website, the Episcopal Church’s Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music offers Discussion Guide for congregations. This material are found on pages 109-129 of their Supplemental Materials PDF file.